Monday, May 28, 2012


              I had an opportunity to watch BP from the field. It was a great experience and one that I will never forget.
                                              My girlfriend and I on the field.
Paul Goldschmidt signed for us while we were on the field.  He was very nice, and had no problem signing a few things for us. He mentioned that he had never even seen his Gypsy Queen series card. Thanks Paul! I appreciate your time.

I have never been close to a foul ball... Ever! Until Last night when this ball came whizzing by and I caught it!!! I was going to give it to this kid next to me, but it was the first one I have ever gotten. (Sorry Kid)

Since we started dating, we have always enjoyed going to games.  Even early on when we had very little extra money we would always find a way to go. I don't know anyone else I would rather share a bleacher seat with :)


  1. You caught a foul ball! That's awesome!!! Thanks again for the tickets and the autographed ball! You guys are AMAZING!

  2. Nice Autographs, you got Goldschmidted? That card looks fantastic.

  3. Thanks I really like it. I almost gave it to Paul because he kept saying it was awesome looking, but then I got greedy.

  4. I got a foul ball at a Rangers game once before I had kids. I was there by myself and two big guys practically crushed a little girl diving after the ball. I reached down and picked it up and handed it to her. She was crying, but it made her happy. If I'd had my son there, I would have given it to him instead!

  5. lol on PATP stiffing the crying kid on that foul ball.
    i've been to a million games and NEVER got one even remotely close. it seems my sons have the mojo for it. when he was about 11 my son went into a scramble of big guys like PATP described. he came out with a Gary Sheffield ball when he was with the Dodgers. perfect because Sheff was his favorite player.

    cool blog joe. i got pointed here through your blogger friend's contest. congrats on being on field at BP. nice.

  6. Stealing Home, I didn't stiff her. I gave her the ball. I felt bad for her! She probably lost it...