Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mail Day!

This is a day late, and I will have a longer post coming up, but I wanted to thank Matt from the blog Doc Holoday who was nice enough to send me a great shipment of Rays cards. I can honestly say that I loved each and everyone of the cards you sent. Being new to the hobby, I can never get enough of cards of my teams. It doesn't matter if it is rare, common, or whatever. It is always such an awesome feeling. I will post pictures, but I wanted to get this up on here as soon as I could.

Thanks again Matt! I hope all your baseball wishes come true this year (except if it is winning the AL East).

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Topps 2013 Silver Slate

I just got home from a little road trip to Tucson to find a package from Topps in my mailbox. Back in January, I shipped off 50 empty packs of cards in hopes that I would get a pack. I know a lot of people got the maximum of 10 packs, but I just wanted to give it a shot one time. So once I opened the mystery package, the disappointment hit me. Cards are beautiful, but no Rays or D-backs. I was even crossing my fingers for a Red Sox card to throw in this little care package that I am shipping out but nope.  I still am very happy that I did the promotion, but it would have been 1,000 times more gratifying if I would have pulled a Longo or a hit. That's how it goes, I guess :(

If anyone participated and is interested in swapping for some Rays/D-backs silver slate cards then let me know. These pictures do not do the actual cards themselves any justice. They look awesome in person.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Random Memory From MLB ASG 2011

 I was looking through a box today, and I came across a bag that had some random All-Star game things in it from when it was in Phoenix in 2011. One of the items was actually these two pictures that my girlfriend and I took with Chester from Linkin Park. We were walking up, and I ran right into him. I took a quick picture with him, and so did my girlfriend. He is from the valley, so I guess it was not a huge surprise that he would be at one of the largest sporting events that has come around.

Keeper Toys

 I just posted a few toys that I really do not have room for, but I do have room for these ones! I worked at KB Toy Store as part of my High Schools OJT program back in '04. I always loved ordering the McFarlane Sports Picks, and would always be that guy that rummaged through the boxes to get the rare ones. When I moved away my brother opened just about all of them, but I managed to save a few of my favorites. The ones I really enjoy are the ones that I do not have a varient form of. The Randy Johnson one at the bottom is in a purple jersey which was a big deal, but it has a gash in the packaging courtesy of my little brother.

Toys For Trade

Not sure if anyone even collects these things, but I figured I would put them up to see if anyone has interest. I am going to post some of my cards up for trade too. I am just looking for primarily Rays stuff, but D-Backs stuff would be cool too. I am trying to clear room out, and there does not appear to be much of a market.