Saturday, August 29, 2015


My Wife's Uncle went on a trip to Miami in July, and happened to snag some tickets to see the Marlins play the Reds. That also happened to be Henderson Alvarez day at the park! He knows that I love bobbleheads, so he brought one back and I finally was able to pick it up! They are made by the same company that does the D-Backs, so I am not surprised that the head is slightly tilted. As a Rays fan, I was really happy when they changed their name to "Miami" because I did not like them being known as "Florida's Team".

The stadium is home to the Bobblehead Hall of Fame, and also the ugliest centerfield object of all-time. The only way I can truly describe it is that it is very Miami. I am very jealous that they have a new stadium, but there is so much about the park that is just wrong, aesthetically.
Worth mention: In the back of that bobblehead picture, you will see my Alex Cobb Military bobble that out of nowhere came unglued. I have to figure out how to fix a bobblehead,  and I will not take the common answer that they are unfixable, lol!