Monday, October 29, 2012

A post-weekend cardboard binge

I went to my LCS today to pick up a card that I bought on Ebay from him and also browse around the store for a few little pick ups. After about an hour of wading through a box of cards, I found an awesome stack of Dbacks and Rays cards!!!! I was so pleased because they would not only bolster my collection, but also give me some trade bait for pretty much the first time. While this was happening these 3 people came in trying to sell cards and memorabilia  but something was wrong with them. They were sweating and stumbling all over the place! I have never felt like I was going to be hurt by someone before, but these people made me feel that way. After about 10 minutes of the owner telling them that they do not buy the things they were selling the guy and his female friends ran out. They also stole all the cards that were on the counter. I could not believe the disrespect. It's not the first time that I have witnessed something like that, but to think that they stole those cards just made me sick to my stomach. Thankfully they took nothing of real value, but I still have a queezy feeling in my stomach.

I ended up finding 10 of the cards that I originally had in my pile, and I only paid .50 for all ten. 
Here are a few..... I'll post my Ebay pickup tomorrow!

Evan Longoria 
2012 Topps Finest

Matt Moore
2012 Topps Update Blue Border

Matt Moore RC
2012 Topps Chrome

      I picked these up for  Dan from "It's Like Having My Own Card Shop" 
 Ian Kennedy
2012 Topps Finest

Justin Upton
2012 Topps Finest

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

50 Longos

It's been a while since my last post because I have banned myself from baseball card altogether, but its time again! First off I will share my two Ebay frustrations....

Today I thought I had placed a bid for a lot of 2 autos. Both cards were "Ticket to Stardom" autos with one being Conor Jackson of Dbacks fame, and the other was Scott Kazmir of the Rays. I thought I placed a bid but for some reason it never posted, and I never thought to check again. It went for a total of 5 bucks shipped.

I also was submitting an offer for a 2012 Topps Triple Threads Longoria auto, but the sellers counter offer was only .50 less.... However, I did see a Longo Triple Threads auto of a lower number at a very low price. I clicked it with only 20 seconds remaining, tried placing a $20 dollar bid, but was beat by the buzzer. Who knows if someone had an auto bid, but it was heart breaking.

So now I would like to post my 3 favorite Longoria cards in celebration of obtaining my 50th different Longo card. It's crazy to think that just back in April I had zero cards period! Thanks again Dan!

Longo card #50 for me! Courtesy of Dan @ It's like having my own card shop

2012 Topps Tribute 17/99

2012 Topps Museum 21/75