Saturday, September 21, 2013

Another Cobb

Over the past few weeks, I have been looking for my new PC guy. Longo and Myers auto cards are pretty high, Price's tenure with the club could be coming to an end, and a few other players just don't catch my eye as "that" player I want to collect. So it was down to Archer and Cobb, and after a few Tier 1 purchases, I have decided it is Cobb. The guy has put up some pretty solid numbers this year, even with a few stints on the DL which were primarily due to a liner that hit him in the head. Cobb may not be a staff ace, but I know he would be at the front end of the rotation for the majority of MLB teams.

This is my newest Alex Cobb auto, and my first black and silver auto of any release. The card was actually listed on eBay as a 1/1, but I am assuming that is because it is 10/10. I really did not care because this card was awesome, and the guy accepted my "Best Offer" of $18.50. I am very pleased to add this one to my collection, and I look forward to building up some of the older autos of Cobb.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Tonight I was trying to recoup from the Rays horrible loss, so I decided to finally use my PhotoShopCS6. I have used this only for a few little projects, so I figured I'd take it on a test run before starting a much larger project. I love Gypsy Queen cards, so it was only ideal that I try and make myself into one. It was challenging to find a similar font, but I think for the most part I got this right. I am going to make a few templates to mess around with, but others may be more difficult. GQ uses pictures that are just max-contrast, so now that I have graduated to a better software, I am sure I will eventually get it spot on. Has anyone else dabbled into PS CS6?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Archer Turkey Red

I picked up this 2013 Topps Turkey Red Chris Archer card for $7.00 shipped, and am very pleased with it. I actually forgot about this card until I won it, because I submitted my bid over a week ago! I have wanted this card for sometime, and I think I found it at the right time. I have watched it go for much higher and much less, so a middle ground price is fine by me. This card is #'d out of 699, and I had to be the one person to get the one that is 666/699. A little freaky, but I just wont pay attention to it. Scary number aside, I am very pleased to be adding this. This is my second Archer auto (1st is 2013 GQ). He is loaded in all of the 2013 releases so chances are I will pick up a few more.

Card from Moe (Albie Lopez)

A few weeks ago, I heard that former Devil Rays/D-Backs pitcher Albie Lopez was doing a signing at the Game 7 Grill next to Chase Field. The problem was that I was unable to make it because I found out about it while it was happening. I was a bit bummed just because he was an Inagural Devil Rays player, but thankfully Moe was there to save the day. Moe is from the blog "My 2008 Topps Set", and knows that I am an avid Rays fan.

Albie was a fan favorite for me as a kid, mainly because he was fun to watch. He started as a relief pitcher and then rolled into a starter role because the rest of the pitchers were terrible. Albie was the opening day starter in 2001, and then was traded to the D-Backs in the summer of '01. It was neat because I moved to Phoenix from Tampa in June 2001, so having Albie here was a little bit of home.

Thank you Moe! I appreciate it very much!

Cobb Auto

 Over the last few weeks, I have eased back into the card game, and it feels great. I have given up on finding Longoria autos at a good price, so I am going to start looking for any and all cards that are Archer and Cobb. This week I stalked eBay for the newest Tier One Alex Cobb auto, and was pleased when I got the card for $3.50 shipped. It is my 3rd Cobb auto, and goes well with the one that Dan from It's like having my own card shop gave me earlier this year. Cobb is having a good year, and has become a favorite of mine. Hopefully he can help guide this team to some wins as the playoff chances dwindle.

2011 Topps Tier One- This is not my exact card.
2013 Topps Tier One- #'d 118/399.