Friday, June 1, 2012

Photo Life

First off thanks to my friend Dan from It's like having my own Card Shop for putting on a contest to get me some followers. If it were not for him, I would not have gotten back in this hobby. Thanks again, Dan! 

Tonight I was re-arranging some pictures on my wall, and decided since I don't have any new cards, I would go ahead and post a few of my favorites. So here you go!

 I picked this up at the MLB All-Star Fanfest last year. It is signed and authenticated through MLB by Justin Upton and Luis Gonzalez. I think it was $50 framed and everything. It all went to charity that was a plus too.

 I actually won this Miguel Montero auto this past year at DBacks Fanfest. His signature is nothing special, but he is one of my favorite players. I was very pleased when they locked him up for 5 years.

 While both of these are not signed yet, I am hoping to get them signed when I go watch the Rays play the Angels. David Price seems like such a cool guy, and Evan Longoria is the first real superstar position player he Rays have had (Not counting Hamilton). One day he will hold out for more money, and I hope the Rays are saving for that day.

I'll post a few other signed 8x10's later, my brother just told me that we are going to see the Avengers tonight.... again.


  1. The Upton/Gonzales auto is really sweet! Was the Montero auto framed when you won it, oor did you get it framed, cause it looks great and I have a couple of those photos that I might need to get framed like that. Good luck with getting your 8x10's signed!

  2. The Upton/Gonzalez combo is the only one that I've not framed. I'm going to post a few other framed autos where I used black matte instead of white. Hobby lobby sells matte, but you can usually get get combo deals at Michael's. I bought a few frames BOGO plus had coupons from the newspaper.

    Rays Autos: I have to at least get the Longo signed. We are going with signs, Longo jerseys, and I will bring my inaugural seat cover too! Last time they played in AZ, I brought the seat cover and a lot of players came over. I am so excited!!!

  3. Good stuff. I need to hang up the stuff I've gotten framed.