Monday, January 21, 2013

In-Person Auto: Steve Finley

Back in September, I posted about getting Steve Finley's autograph at the Alumni game. It was a goal of mine because my sister loved him during his AZ playing days. While I really wanted his autograph for myself, I knew that it would be a cool gift for my sister. I was just going through my old posts, and I do not think I ever posted a picture of it. I sent the card to my sister a few months back, but I still had this one on my phone (sorry about the flash!). I think it is a 2002 Topps Heritage, but what is so funny to me is the signature on the card. Compare that to the one that Finley actually signed, and it looks false. Maybe it was because he was in a hurry, but that is a terrible autograph.

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  1. What a nice brother! It's crazy how a players autograph can change over the years, plus I bet some have a completly different signature when it comes to signing legal documents, checks, etc. than they do when signing autographs for fans.