Saturday, April 6, 2013

New additions

This is slightly off course of what I usually post, but I thought it was important. Today I received a package from a friend that had actually passed away 2 weeks ago. He let me know that he had picked up a few things, a while back so I assume his wife sent it, but it's just crazy to me. My friend Jim was a visionary, and he showed that by creating the Hungry Howies pizza chain and developing it in to what is today. He was a huge sports fan, and really is the only reason I enjoy sports to this day. He took me to tons of sporting events in Tampa and gave me my first job. He also never missed a Superbowl. Ever. In my package I received a few really cool Tampa sports things, but I wanted to include these things.

A mini-helmet from the Super Bowl, a Rays gnome, and a Hungry Howies bobblehead. I have many things to remember him by, but these are some awesome things too.

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