Friday, June 12, 2015

Rays World Series Mega Ticket

I had an Amazon gift card and was looking for something unique to add to my office. I ended up finding this Mega Ticket marked down to about $15 and jumped on it immediately. When it arrived, I noticed a scratch to the canvas and that it was for Game 2 as opposed to Game 1. I let Amazon know, but they said the seller was no longer available for an exchange or refund. I was a little bummed, but shortly after receiving that email, they informed me that they were refunding me the funds, and allowing me to keep, destroy, or donate the item. Even after I said a full refund was not important, they insisted. Game 2 was actually the only game that the Rays won against the Phillies, so I guess that is a little better than the 1st. 

Here it is next to my inaugural seat cushion and program. At some point I would like to add an 8x10 auto of Larry Rothschild, so maybe ill try TTM.  

1 comment:

  1. That looks great! The ticket is a lot bigger than I was thinking. The one I have is a lot smaller!