Monday, April 18, 2016

Mail Day

Gypsy Queen has been my favorite release since I really started being interested in cards in 2011. I picked up a bunch of little things over the weekend, and as always, was very impressed by everything Gypsy Queen has to offer.

The Diamondbacks have a pretty solid checklist. While their new uniform was not highlighted for the tenured guys, the new players were photoshopped pretty nicely. I may be the only person on the planet that enjoys the charcoal outfits, but whatever. I do think that the two-tone paints have got to go, they are just terrible.

I also had to add a Rays team set to my collection. I skipped most of last year's releases, so I was missing some of these guys that were rookies. Always nice to add another Cobb and Longoria too. Hopefully this pitching staff gets going a bit!

I bought two autograph cards from GQ, here is one of them. My nephew lives in Colorado, so I thought this was something fun to add to his keepsake box. DJ LeMahieu was an All Star in 2015, and has been a big part of a pretty fun Rockies team.

I love everything about this card. I remember watching this game live and was blown away that the catch was even made. Chris Archer was on the mound that night and was so excited by the catch that he had commissioned someone to paint it for Kevin Kiermaier. I will be trying to get this signed when the Rays play the Diamondbacks in June.


  1. Very nice QG as usual! That Glove Stories card is awesome!

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