Thursday, May 17, 2012

Inaugural Opening Day

March 31st will always be a special day for me.
I really had no interest in baseball until I attended a regular season game. I grew up in Clearwater, Florida so I got a heavy dose of the Grapefruit league well before I knew the Rays were going to exist. I had some family friends that really took me in and would take me to just about any event in the Tampa Bay area. So the night before this game, I got a call asking if I would like to go. I almost said no, but my mom volunteered me to go. As soon as I woke up that morning I started getting excited to go since everyone was talking about it. Once we arrived at the Trop I was in awe, and I have been ever since. From that moment on Baseball has made a huge impact on my life, and the Rays are still my favorite team.
Wilson Alvarez threw the first pitch, and Luis Gonzalez (who is he?) hit the first HR in Tropicana Field against the Rays. Tigers won 11-6

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  1. Nice blog. Nice autographs, nice girlfriend, nice smiles ... nice warm and fuzzy feeling all around. Welcome to blogville.

    Let me get back to my flag waving, beer swilling, drum pounding, curse-singing, hooligan pals - and watch some of the 2012 Euro footy.

    cheers mate !