Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pick up from It's like having my own card shop (Dan)

Dan from It's like having my own card shop spotted a card at his LCS that he knew would look mighty fine in my newly started collection. I believe the story went that he saw this card in a case that was 50% off, and he was able to get it for $33 bucks. He brought it in to work, and I bought it from him yesterday.

This is a quick copy from an ebay post but this is the same card. 2008 Bowman Chrome Refractor 79/99 and it really is a beauty. I buy packs quite a bit, so at $33 for my favorite 2 players it was a great pick up. Ebay has the card listed very high, but I have zero intentions of selling this. It is easily my favorite card! 

Thank you so much for keeping your eye out for me Dan, I really appreciate everything you have done for me to get me back into the hobby. Also thanks to everyone in this community also, I've met nothing but great people in this hobby. I wish I had a bunch of awesome cards to repay everyone! I will always keep my eyes open too!

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