Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Good & Bad of the Alumni Game

Let's start with the bad first!!!


The suite thing was a disaster. I had pretty awesome seats that I gave up for nothing because I won a suite, and I regretted it right away. They over booked the room, so once we got there the only seats in the room were taken. I ended up sitting on a barstool, and but was pretty obstructed from the field. I pretty much just watched it on the TV.

Also with the suite, average priced food was so far away that I never got to eat my food. We were unsure of the Alumni appearance so leaving could be disastrous.  This is my last game of the season more than likely, and I did not feel it was a good one to end on. 


The Matt Williams bobblehead may be my favorite yet. It was really well done.

The Alumni game was alot of fun, and I think it really lived up to the hype. 

While we did not get to meet alot of the Alumni team as mentioned.... we did meet and hang with Mike Hampton, Greg Swindell, and Matt Mantai. All of which were really awesome guys, and I am pretty sure that Mantai fills in for the Greys Anatomy star that plays "McSteamy". I only know this because my girlfriend watches it. They signed a OMLB for me and for Dan. I brought quite a few alumni cards, but I skipped those ones because I thought for sure we would have a Webb, Gonzo, Finley visit us.

At the end of the game we were leaving, and I thought I would give it a shot to get some on field autos. I wanted Albie Lopez since he was a Devil Rays at one point, but Finley was my main one because my sister asked for his auto. I actually saw him walking away from the dugout, and called him over and he signed one card for me! So I am pumped that I have that for her even though he didnt have time to sign me ball.

All in all a success.


  1. Wow I'm shocked you didn't get to meet all of the alumni guys. That sucks.

    Glad you still had an okay time.


  2. That stinks about the suite/seats, but that's cool that you got to hang out for a while with a few of the players. Mantei was one of my favorite D-Backs back in the day! That's really cool about Finley!