Friday, May 24, 2013

Museum Collection

While I was looking up Bowman sets on Ebay, I stumbled across this from the same seller. I had lost quite a few other auctions for Longoria cards, so I thought I would give this one a whirl. I really have enjoyed watching Alex Cobb pitch, so when I saw this card I got pretty excited. I know he had a few high-end cards last year, but this one just looked great to me. I was not sure how bad I wanted the card, I got out-bid, placed a bid at the last second and won. I was almost instantly having buyers remorse, but when it came in the mail the remorse went away. So here it is:

#21/299- Cobb recently threw 4 2/3 inning and struck out 13. One of the innings he stuck out 4 batters as a passed ball  let on a batter. He is not a power pitcher, and I do not ever expect that kind of thing from him again lol. This card did not set me back at all, but I originally wanted a Longo card. This cost me $9.60 and combined with my Bowman cards for shipping.
I have a Museum Collection card from last year, and it is no where near as thick. This thing is a monster in person. They do not mess around!
This card was .50, so I felt that it would be a great addition for that price. No pun intended.

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