Friday, May 24, 2013

Newest Additions

Bowman 2013 has been out for a few weeks now, and this is my first taste. I had been fighting the urge to buy any packs because I told myself that I would just pick up the singles and hopefully be able to complete some cool little sets of the cards I do like. I was unable to find a Wil Myers card on Ebay that was not at least $3 shipping, so I passed on him for now. I was able to pick up gold team sets for the Rays and Dbacks, Rodney, and Longo cards for a total of $6 shipped.

Last year Fernando was unstoppable, now I cringe when he comes in to pitch. I like his personality though, so I will try and complete a run of his Bowman cards. I lost the bid on his 1/1, but it was ugly anyway. The blue and orange cards are #'d while the flag and silver ice are not. 
3 new Longos to add to my collection. I am pretty sure that this picture has been used on multiple cards.  For me to notice after only 1 year of collecting is ridiculous, Topps please pay attention.

In my last post, I had mentioned that I bought a Longo Gypsy Queen Alternate SP Mini but it was not shipped. Well I ended up getting it in the package today, along with the David Price alternate SP. 

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  1. $6 shipped for all of that is awesome! That's the cost of just a couple of packs! Very nice!