Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Goldschmidt Bobbleheads

This past Saturday was the Paul Goldschmidt bobblehead SGA, and the crowd came out in a big way. This is the only giveaway during the 2013 season that had 25,000 units, and also a large number of ticket/giveaway guarantees. I really enjoyed how the promotion went, but apparently there were people sitting around at 10:00 AM (5:10 PM Game).

Anyways, I scored the gold one on Wednesday when they held a contest in the 7th inning. That was the inning that the Rays made a comeback, so that stretch of 30 minutes was great for me. I was just in the right place at the right time. This is my first "Limited" bobblehead, as these were only made up to 1000. They are not numbered, and there is not a marking that labels it as a limited exclusive or anything.

I was able to get two home jersey bobbles on Saturday. My girlfriend told me that we could not go super early because 1. She did not want to wait, and 2. I already had the gold one. I still talked her in to going a half hour before gates, but our plans would end up a little shifted. Once we got there, the line from the main rotunda was all the way down a street, and almost directly across from the basketball arena. We ended up walking back to our car, and we just listened to the Rays game on the radio. We ended up going to the game at 3:30, and sure enough they still had plenty of bobbleheads left!

Solid addition to my bobblehead collection, but I am looking for a Longoria retro bobblehead. If anyone knows of someone who has an extra, I'd be happy to swap one of my extra regular Goldschmidts.


  1. You went to the game late and they still had bobbleheads? Plus... you won a variant? Congratulations! You're a very lucky man.

  2. Those look great together! Hope you're able to get the Longoria.