Saturday, August 31, 2013

Moore and more (auto)

Since my birthday (Aug 22), most everyone has had some sort of poor luck. The details are not important, but it really seems that being 27 has started in a way that I hope is not a sign of things to come. Anyways, today picked me up quite a bit. It was crazy, but follow along...

After work, I had to run to get a dress shirt for a funeral tomorrow. It turns out that the only color shirt that I do not have is white, so I figured I would just run into the mall. So JCPenny is my go-to place when it comes to work clothes because they usually have good sales on clothes that can hold up in both washer care, and dry cleaning. Anyways, I find the shirt that I wanted, and I began to leave the store. The price tag was $35 dollars, but for some reason, it would ring up as $1.94. I made sure that it was the correct price, purchased it (just incase), and then decided that maybe I would stock up. I ended up buying about 8 different shirts, and spent only a total of $18. Right place, right time.

Here is my receipt just to show the total for the first shirt. I even searched for ugly shirts at that price!


So I figure that since I saved on the shirt, I could use some of the extra cash on something that I actually will enjoy. I have not been to an actual LCS in almost a year, so I thought I would take a trip. Currently, I am searching for anything Archer, Myers, or Cobb, so I thought I would check it out. I see their stuff going on eBay, but I am always more apt to spend more if it is in front of me. So right away, my card guy remembers me and shows me what he just pulled. He had no Myers, Archer, or Cobb, but he did have a 2013 Tier One Matt Moore auto. Moore is a solid player, card was beautiful, but at the initial price, it was hard for me to say that it was worth it. I really wanted to pick up Bowman Platinum cards, but he did not have any singles at all. Platinum was running $8 a pack, but I can't find any at local retailers. After much deliberating, he offered me the Moore Tier One card, and 2 packs of Bowman Platinum for $30. More than I wanted to spend, but that essentially means that I got the Moore card for $14, and I think I am ok with that. I took that offer, and I really think that I won.

This Moore card is #'ed 86/99 and is very thick. It does not crack my favorite card, but it is up there. 

So once I got over that I could have spent that money on a Myers card, or Archer/Cobb, I opened up the packs. The top two cards on the first pack could not have been better base....

*I took these photo's from eBay because my phone is now dead. Wil Myers at the top, Longo Blue Sapphire at the bottom

These two cards are nothing extremely rare or special, but I honestly did not even care what was in the next pack. I was so sick of seeing the Myers card for for $2 with $4 shipping, so this was worth it to me. Plus, I can never have too many Longo cards. Once I got done being excited about these cards, I opened pack 2.....

First card that I pulled was.....
George Springer Jumbo Auto/Relic #'d 38/199. 

I do not know much about other teams beside Rays & Dbacks, but I do know that George Springer is a beast in the Astro's system. He has been in AA and AAA, but his numbers are outrageous. Here is a bit of info that I pulled up on him. 

George Springer, OF, Houston Astros

George Springer turned in an outstanding full-season debut last year, posting a .910 OPS with 24 home runs and 30 stolen bases in 127 games across two levels. However, due to his high strikeout rate and struggle to control the strike zone, many expected him to take a step back in 2013 against advanced competition.
That’s been anything but the case this season, as the 23-year-old has significantly improved his stock with a ridiculously good campaign at Double-A and Triple-A—arguably the best among all prospects.

Courtesy of
Having already achieved the first 30-30 season in the minor leagues since 2009 (Grant Desme), Springer now has his sights set on joining the very exclusive 40-40 club. At the time this article was published, the outfielder had 37 home runs and 43 stolen bases. With five games remaining in the regular season for Triple-A Oklahoma City, he'll need to catch fire to accomplish the feat.
The Astros have already said Springer will finish the season in the minor leagues, according to Brian McTaggart of, but it’s difficult to argue he’s not worthy of a September call-up. Either way, Springer’s combination of power and speed makes him a strong candidate to content for the 2014 AL Rookie of the Year award.
The rest of the cards were actually pretty terrible, but I left the shop with a huge smile. Could my initial purchase been a little more thought out? Yeah, but the overall experience was great.

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  1. Okay, first off. How did I miss your birthday? Second, 8 shirts for less than the price of 1 is awesome! Third, that Matt Moore is really awesome! I love the placement of everything! Fourth, that George Springer auto is really cool and I think the 40/40 Club tracker is really cool. I also like that the auto on the card matches the auto on the tracker, Not that it wouldn't but when I first saw the auto I was "that's a really small weird looking auto" but then to see that it matches I thought that was cool. Shirts and cards aside. I'm sorry for your guys lose. Hang in there!