Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Well, my birthday has come and went once again. This year I turned 28, and although I was scared to get older, it was an awesome day. Over the past few months, I have been planning a wedding, going to school, working a stressful job, and purchasing a home. I do not think I have ever done so much grown up stuff in a year, and I really never want to again! I am all for being responsible, but I need balance too! 5 days before my birthday day, my fiance messaged me at work asking what I really wanted for my birthday, as I was a bit mum about it this year. After much deliberating, she asked me if I would want to fly out to Tampa to be with my brother for my birthday. He is not a brother by birth, but I have known him since the day he was born, and his mom raised me through my teen years. Anyways, I immediately checked prices on flights, and the Rays schedule to see if they were in town.  The ticket prices were super low, my brother had the weekend off, and the Rays would play the Tigers at home. How perfect! I was fortunate enough to get to see David Price vs Alex Cobb, my two favorite pitchers go head to head. They did not disappoint one bit, with Price pitching 7 innings of no hit baseball. 

This was his stat line: \
David Price Line vs. Rays: Aug. 21, 2014
IPHRERK-BBGame ScorePitches (Strikes)
8.01109-087100 (73)

Me(left), Ben (right)

Then I get back to work, and my good friend Dan @ It's Like Having My Own Card Shop surprised me with some awesome cards! Thank you so very much Dan, I truly appreciate everything you have done for me! Dan knows that my favorite Ray to collect is Alex Cobb, and also that I will gladly accept any and all Longo or Myers. In addition to these 3 awesome cards, Dan also gave me some really cool Rays cards that I did not have. Two of them were different parallels of Alex Cobb's first year card.

Gypsy Queen Alex Cobb Printing Plate
The first one I have ever gotten

Wil Myers Jumbo Boxtopper.
Super cool vintage looking card.

Once Dan got me back into the hobby a few years back, I was unaware of relic cards. The first one I bought was a Longo bat card. Now I have another Longo bat to add to the collection.