Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2012 Allen & Ginter

Ever since Dan @ It's like having my own Card Shop! got me back into cards, I have loved the look of both Gypsy Queen and A&G. With the official launch today, I was very excited to get a few packs. I went to Wal-Mart, but it seemed that the retail blaster boxes, and the rack packs did not have odds for anything other than short prints. They also had packs for $4.25 for 6 cards so I quickly called the LCS and they were larger packs for $5. I decided to go over there to pick up a couple packs and I was pretty disappointed.

See that abomination to the far left? I wanted to make sure I spread that out far enough for everyone to see. That junk was a pack that had 2 current player cards which were both a CC Sabathia insert and mini. I was pretty bummed to say the least. The next pack had both the Hudson and Andrus Relic card in it. I felt so disappointed with the 1st pack that the relic was not even a pleaser.
Brad Zeigler was also at the Card Shop, which is weird because I was just talking to Dan about him. I guess he is friends with the owner who ships all of Zeigler's stuff. He only buy's high end stuff, and apparently just bought 2 bat knob cards. I did not talk to him or anything, but it was cool hearing him talk out loud about his new cards, and his passion.


  1. Hello! Are you interested in any of the inserts or Dodgers base cards from this set that you pulled? Please check out my want lists and let me know if you have any for trade. Thanks.

  2. That's cool that Ziegler was there and weird because like you said, we were just talking about him and how he collects cards!