Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rays: Day 2 California

Ill update this later, but I was excited to post day 2 asap.
The added signatures are Luke Scott, Ben Zobrist, and Jeremy Hellickson. I was really bummed that price never signed because he walked right by me. Hellickson was awesome and easily my favorite auto I got. I was saving my extra ball for David Price so I had him sign the team ball. Looking back, I'm really bummed I did that. Oh well! Rays also won 3 to 0. I love the look of Anaheim Stadium but the customer service is a joke. While I was waiting for Pena to sign I got kicked out from by the dugout. It was 45 minutes before the game and I was not blocking anything. This man came up to me and said "where are your seats?" I just replied "over there" and then he said " well then you need to be in them over them" I told him I was just waiting for this player and asked if I could stand there for 5 minutes and he said "sir, I asked you to go back to your seat, now you need to go". That was after another usher refused to let me go down to a section that was 3 sections down from mine.
Terrible. Good times though.


  1. That stinks about Price, but you got some good autographs and the Rays won!

  2. Yeah it was awesome! Dan did you notice that Roberts still signs 14 and not 19?