Friday, July 27, 2012

Anaheim Trip

My girlfriend and I drove out to California to catch two of the Rays vs. Angels games this weekend. Our birthdays are in July & August so we pooled together and made a 4 day trip with baseball and Disneyland. I had a few goals when the season started that I wanted to accomplish on this date that I mentioned when I first started this blog. I wanted to get the David Price Sports Illustrated cover signed, and also the game 162 Longoria homerun 8x10 signed. With Longo hurt, and David Price being dominant it seems like both are impossible. I will give an update but here's what has gone on so far.

Game one:

The Rays lost, and it was 1,000 times worse in the opposing teams stadium. No cool in-game stuff to go over except that Angel stadium has a terrible seat  arrangement more than likely from being so old. I was in the second row and just a few sections short of the foul pole. In Chase Field these are premiere seats, but in Angels Stadium they are not very good, but still have a high price tag.  I was constantly blocked by people having their heads in the way or doing the wave. Oh, and not one but two Angels fans that got their whole families ejected when they interfered with the ball. 

High points*
We did get there very early, and sat around waiting for players to come out. I did not know this but even during BP the ushers will not allow you to stand by the dugout for auto opportunities unless you have those tickets. This guy stopped me and explained that but then told me just to sneak down there. While I was standing by the dugout I managed to get Sam Fuld, Desmond Jennings, and Ryan Roberts all to sign a ball. I could have had a few more but I was being stubborn and not moving because David Price was my main goal. He even messaged me on Twitter to tell me that the bubble that had blew on the cover of SI was indeed a real bubble. Many Rays signed but just for a second and maybe for 1-2 fans. Joyce and Matt More both told me they would sign when they returned but when they did return they both signed for other people. Tomorrow I will shift my focus to Price, and then just whoever I can get to sign a card. My girlfriend's first favorite player for the D-Backs was Ryan Roberts so of course she made sure that I got him to sign the ball before Kyle Farnsworth. He was nice as usual, and he smiled and gave a thumbs up when he saw our D-Backs backpack also.

Price! I am getting that 8x10 auto'd and that is final.

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  1. Great pictures! It's weird seeing Roberts in a uniform that's not the D-Backs. Glad that you got some autographs. Good luck! Hopefully you'll get Price. I got an Upton bobblehead for you.