Sunday, September 8, 2013

Card from Moe (Albie Lopez)

A few weeks ago, I heard that former Devil Rays/D-Backs pitcher Albie Lopez was doing a signing at the Game 7 Grill next to Chase Field. The problem was that I was unable to make it because I found out about it while it was happening. I was a bit bummed just because he was an Inagural Devil Rays player, but thankfully Moe was there to save the day. Moe is from the blog "My 2008 Topps Set", and knows that I am an avid Rays fan.

Albie was a fan favorite for me as a kid, mainly because he was fun to watch. He started as a relief pitcher and then rolled into a starter role because the rest of the pitchers were terrible. Albie was the opening day starter in 2001, and then was traded to the D-Backs in the summer of '01. It was neat because I moved to Phoenix from Tampa in June 2001, so having Albie here was a little bit of home.

Thank you Moe! I appreciate it very much!

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