Saturday, September 21, 2013

Another Cobb

Over the past few weeks, I have been looking for my new PC guy. Longo and Myers auto cards are pretty high, Price's tenure with the club could be coming to an end, and a few other players just don't catch my eye as "that" player I want to collect. So it was down to Archer and Cobb, and after a few Tier 1 purchases, I have decided it is Cobb. The guy has put up some pretty solid numbers this year, even with a few stints on the DL which were primarily due to a liner that hit him in the head. Cobb may not be a staff ace, but I know he would be at the front end of the rotation for the majority of MLB teams.

This is my newest Alex Cobb auto, and my first black and silver auto of any release. The card was actually listed on eBay as a 1/1, but I am assuming that is because it is 10/10. I really did not care because this card was awesome, and the guy accepted my "Best Offer" of $18.50. I am very pleased to add this one to my collection, and I look forward to building up some of the older autos of Cobb.


  1. That looks awesome!Love that the auto is on-card and where he signed it is perfect!

  2. Awesome card! Awesome price too!