Sunday, September 8, 2013

Archer Turkey Red

I picked up this 2013 Topps Turkey Red Chris Archer card for $7.00 shipped, and am very pleased with it. I actually forgot about this card until I won it, because I submitted my bid over a week ago! I have wanted this card for sometime, and I think I found it at the right time. I have watched it go for much higher and much less, so a middle ground price is fine by me. This card is #'d out of 699, and I had to be the one person to get the one that is 666/699. A little freaky, but I just wont pay attention to it. Scary number aside, I am very pleased to be adding this. This is my second Archer auto (1st is 2013 GQ). He is loaded in all of the 2013 releases so chances are I will pick up a few more.


  1. Thanks Dan! I have been watching this card for a really long time. I think the back looks kind of boring, but I am very pleased.