Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Josh Collmenter Bobblehead Day- Saturday, May 9th.

This past Saturday was Bobblehead day at Chase Field, and although it was not a big name player, it was a fan favorite. Josh Collmenter has his second bobblehead (First was Star Wars) in as many years, and is well deserving. Josh signed this bobblehead for me, and his Topps 2014 card for my wife. I did not realize until after he signed it that this bobblehead has a slightly crooked head!

I recently joined a bobblehead trading community on Facebook, and can't help but notice the complete lack of desire for Arizona players. Many people looking to trade actually mention *No Dbacks/Brewers* on their posts which can be frustrating. Lately, I have been really wanting to find people that just want to trade, and I thought I found it, but then I realized that these people on the community were exactly what I tried to avoid. For example, the picture below. Tonight is Kershaw CY Young night, and this guy is selling them for $60 each. I get that it should not matter to me what they do with them, but I guess I just wish he would want to trade to help other people. I tried working out a deal for the most recent Longoria bobble, but the guy wanted 5 D-Backs bobbles, and $10... Sorry, but I guess i'll get it off eBay. When you buy/trade from fellow collectors, it is always cool to build a personal relationship, and that does not seem to exist in the online bobble world.

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  1. Thanks again for the heads up on Collmentor signing! Too bad to hear that about the bobblehead groups.