Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Myers played for the Rays?

Here is a bobblehead that was sent from a family member in Florida. Last year, Myers was selected as the Rays representative for Star Wars day. It is crazy to me how old school baseball can be at times, yet Star Wars day is a thing with every MLB team. Anyways, Myers time with the Rays did not last, but this Rebel Pilot Myers bobblehead will live on forever. I love that they included the Rays "Sunburst" logo, but this one lacks Rays branding, big time. Myers was traded to the Padres in the offseason, and replaced with Steven "Strikeout" Souza Jr. Of course, in Tampa Bay sports fashion, Wil seems to be doing very well in San Diego.

In the Rays history, Myers ranks 2nd in my category of "Least Favorite Strikeout Face".

1. BJ Upton
He always would often do this with the bases loaded, and it would add to my frustration.
 2. Wil Myers
I am not sure any player (other than Jose Molina) annoyed me as much. Wil often would stand at home, staring into space after a key 'K'. 

3. Steven Souza Jr.
This guy is a phenom in the field, but this face drives me crazy. He has caught a few tough breaks when striking out, but I have never seen him not argue a call. This face is seen frequently, as he is at a major league leading 38% strikeout rate. 


  1. Very cool bobble. Combines two of my favorite things in life.

  2. Everything about that bobblehead is awesome! Love the detail on the suit and helmet!

  3. Thanks guys! There is a Longo bobble that is coming out in September where he looks like Han Solo, so I am pumped for that one!