Thursday, May 28, 2015

Longoria Walk-Up Bobble

A couple weeks ago, my wife surprised me and purchased the Evan Longoria Walk-Up bobblehead off of eBay. I had been wanting it since it released earlier this month, but I just could not find a trade partner. This just arrived yesterday, and I could not be more pleased. I know she does not frequently check this out, but thank you for being the best Erika!

It is one of the more detailed Rays bobbles, and with the base, it stands about as tall as your average bobble. Longo is standing in the on-deck circle, and one neat detail is that he has a donut on his bat! The base is hollow, but it has a speaker that is facing outwards, and once you hit that little black button, his walk-up music plays! I am a huge fan of the Rays "sunburst" logo, so to that that in the on-deck circle made me happy. This is my second Longoria bobble, and 5th total Rays bobblehead. I think I will go after the DJ Kitty bobble and Alex Cobb Gumby next.... Yes, they have an Alex Cobb Gumby... Evan did homer on his day, which is always pretty neat. Here is a video of the bobblehead and the music it plays.

Check out a video of the bobblehead, here!

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  1. That is awesome! I can't remember where it was, but recently I read or heard someone say that Longo has the greatest walk-up song ever. Love it!